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Riddle me this! 6th Annual SURE symposium

SURE would like to invite you to the 6th annual SURE symposium – ‘The Infinite Puzzle’. Hosted in the Querido hall in the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam on the 1st of June.

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The Student Union of the Research masters of the Erasmus MC aims to bring all the students from the five masters together. This includes the students and alumni of Health Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Infection and Immunity, Neuroscience and Clinical Research are very much welcome!

Why are we SURE?

Universities in the Netherlands have student unions that stimulate both the social and the academic life of their members. The MFVR is the student union for the Dutch medical students of the Erasmus MC and offers them many great opportunities during their studies. However, no such student union existed yet for the international research master students of the Erasmus MC.

This is where SURE comes in: we aim to bring together all the biomedical students of the Erasmus MC. Whether you are from a faraway country or from just across the street, whether you are interested in the molecules of microbes or the safety of surgery, we want to give you the opportunity to expand your social circles and share your love of science. Because, let’s face it, science is not just about staying in your own lab and specializing, but also about reaching out and working together with other scientists.

Are you SURE?

We organize a yearly SURE symposium, frequently host borrels, trips, movie evenings and much more. Don’t hesitate to join us in any of our events and become a member of SURE!

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Have fun, learn more, and meet new friends. We’re SURE of it.