Symposium 2014


The last two centuries have seen enormous improvement in public health, to a large degree fuelled by developments in sciences outside of biomedical research. As more and more complex solutions are needed in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease, the interplay of medicine with other research fields extends even further.
 However, the education of (bio)medical students focuses mostly on work with already established clinical applications and is limited to teaching the medical aspects of research. Innovative developments with potential to contribute to disease prevention and treatment strategies in the future are not covered in the curriculum if they lack implications for the current standard of care. Therefore students are often not aware of interdisciplinary research and the opportunities it can provide for their own academic careers.
 The popularity of the first SURE symposiums lectures on nanotechnology and tissue engineering showed that students are curious about how advancements in areas outside of medicine create new solutions for healthcare. In this year’s SURE symposium have explored these opportunities based on selected work from the fields of mathematics, engineering, physics, food technology, ecology, behavioural science, and visual art. We provided insights into how challenges in public healthcare have fuelled new research directions in these fields and driven academic careers build upon the synergies between biomedicine and other disciplines.

Pictures of the symposium